The strategic partner of SoftBank Robotics in Romania

Robotic solutions for cleaning and facility management

Robotic Cleaning Solutions is the first company in Romania aiming to facilitate, implement and deliver solutions through innovation and forward-thinking approach to the ever-pressing challenges posed onto the local facility management and commercial cleaning markets.


As the strategic partner of SoftBank Robotics Group (SBR), Robotic Cleaning Solutions is the exclusive distributor of SBR robotic equipment in Romania and is committed to become a solid partner for all the cleaning contractors and FM companies that could benefit on the increased service levels brought on with the help of smart technology.


The partnership with SoftBank Robotics brings together our experience, knowledge and understanding of the Romanian market with SBR’s heritage and intelligence within technology and innovation.



SoftBank Robotics The leader
of the global movement in cleaning robotics

SoftBank Robotics Group (SBR) is driving technology forward and is a worldwide leader in robotic solutions. SBR is constantly exploring and commercializing solutions that help make people’s lives easier, safer, more connected and extraordinary.


SoftBank Robotics delivers innovation to the European cleaning and facilities management industries. SBR automated cleaning products enable cleaning contractors to adopt a smarter, more sustainable approach to service delivery through new technology and agile business models. SBR products are designed to support and empower cleaning and janitorial staff in their work, removing the strain of repetitive tasks and enabling them to focus their time on higher value tasks.

SoftBank Robotics Global Partners

The cleaning and facility management
industries are in the spotlight

The COVID-19 pandemic placed the cleaning and facility management industries in the spotlight like never before. Cleaning contractors and FM providers have a critical role to play by driving higher cleaning standards and instill confidence in the end users of buildings. This brings with it huge pressure to deliver higher cleaning performance under the most extreme scrutiny. Nevertheless, the current situation also presents an unprecedented opportunity for the FM industry to change the way in which it is perceived, to demonstrate value and become a more strategic player within the business landscape. In doing so, it can start to achieve many of the objectives which have alluded it over recent years by driving innovation and developing real, long-term partnerships with clients.

A defining moment for the cleaning industry

The commercial cleaning industry is changing. Cleaners, facilities managers and building owners are under huge pressure as in the near future there’ll be more vacuuming to do, fewer people to cover the work, tightly squeezed profit margins and the growing need to keep up with smart technology.

The industry needs to increase efficiency and reduce costs by speeding up cleaning and logistics processes
The turnover rate for cleaning staff is almost 200% on average, and there’s been a 10% increase in vacant cleaning roles in recent years
Contracts are becoming increasingly competitive, so it’s essential to measure performance and offer higher service levels
There is now a massive and urgent need for new approaches and solutions. The FM and cleaning industries find themselves at the forefront of the economic recovery post-lockdown, tasked with delivering the improved standards of cleanliness and hygiene that will instill confidence among the general public and accelerate re-entry to buildings for businesses. Without doubt, FM and cleaning contractors are under scrutiny from clients and end users of buildings more than any time before, and the quest for greater efficiency and enhanced performance within the industry becomes ever more pressing.

Smart cleaning
powered by robotics

Workspaces are being reimagined for an employee experience that now includes Health & Safety as a key priority. Leaders will need to manage everything in the new ecosystem, such as frequency of clean, airflow, social distancing, employee density, biometrics, and the overall role of technology and data. The stakes are high, and getting this wrong creates risk to the company brand, employee productivity, and innovation.

The introduction of collaborative robots allows Facility Management providers to meet and exceed service levels without needing to take on additional resource. They can demonstrate how innovation is delivering a cleaner, more hygienic building environment. This way, the use of collaborative robots is seen as critical in the future, where smart buildings will require smart cleaning.

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