Cobotics is the collaboration between humans and machines,
taking the best of each to create a powerful new way of working

The cobotic business sense in cleaning

business results

High quality carpet cleaning, consistent and deep, that can be tracked and measured

Reduced churn and
less health issues

Cobots take on the bulky and repetitive tasks that weigh heavily on the cleaning teams

An optimised,
hybrid workforce

The cobot-human team works in harmony, each playing to their own  individual strengths

in job satisfaction

Cleaners enjoy their work more when they spend less time on laborious tasks

Smart buildings need smart cleaning

With less staff and more demanding targets, efficiently managing cleaning teams has never been harder. Cobotics is the smart solution and marks the beginning of an innovative era in the cleaning services industry.


Cobotics gives FM and business leaders the data and insight to demonstrate how innovation in their operating model is delivering a cleaner, more hygienic building environment. 


The focus on smart buildings represents a huge opportunity for the FM function (whether in-house or outsourced) to assume a critical, strategic role within businesses over the coming years.

Whiz leads a new movement in Cobotics

As the first commercial vacuum cleaning robot (or cobot), Whiz is here to welcome the new movement in smart technology for the commercial cleaning industry, by being the innovative product for a future-facing cleaning industry.


Whiz works together with the cleaning teams, sharing the workload by taking on the repetitive task of vacuuming. By working alongside Whiz, cleaning teams will waste less time and energy, paving the way for smarter cleaning and healthier and happier working environments.

Whiz helps your cleaners do more

Cobots like Whiz are operated by and work alongside your existing cleaning teams, taking on the heavy laborious tasks they dislike and performing them consistently every time.


This gives your team the time and possibility to focus on other vital cleaning operations and more skilled and higher value tasks for your working environment.

Smarter health

Whiz excels at large areas of vacuuming resulting in a deeper carpet cleaning and better air quality. Using Whiz every day will see a reduction in hidden dust and so can create a healthier more hygienic environment that benefits all.

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